“Emotional Led worship” - A disease ---------------------------------------------------------

I would rather sit behind an atheist who attempts to lead people in worship than a "Christian" who's ego and statements are so out of character and thus lies in attempt to grab an emotion to piggyback on during worship.

seems that within the so seemingly small "Christian" musician circle I am a part of, most leaders are separated in three different ways.

The first is that of who you can't help but engage in worship with while leading with them, and truly trust and believe in their leadership and ministry from behind the mic.

The second is that of the person who doesn't necessarily feel called to leading worship but yet does it regardless, choosing songs, sticking to them and going through the "clean cut" order of worship. sticking to the schedule and "getting the job done".

the third is the person who is somewhat called to lead in worship. there are significant differences between the person outside the worship room and the one in it. not only in words and stories from the mic, but also a type of emotion that is foreign unless used there. he will often try to recreate moments of worship(don't get me wrong, i believe some songs lead people to the throne and help us to fully understand and grasp who and what were singing about more than others. thus why I am constantly blown away with creativity God places in His people) that have happened before because of specific words or phrases/structures used. which to me is then taking our hearts away from the pursuit of god and more in pursuit of a hopeful reoccurring emotion.

please hear me on this. there are several artists/worship leaders who often tie a few songs together so they make more sense/flow together better and thus lead people to the throne in a fresh way. however, if our call as "worship leaders" is to actually lead in worship, then even if we lead 5000 people in heartfelt worship bc of a structure, this is when I personally am frustrated that there is no true sense of worship happening anywhere behind the mic. including myself.

all I'm really trying to say with this is this: Let us not rob ourselves of the creativity God gives us to use for His glory, in efforts to reach a emotional state of worship so we get booked for the same gig the next year.

instead of going to starbucks and talking about the label you're about to sign with, go bust your tail if that's what it takes and for the Glory of God and allow Him to work through your talents and ideas he gives you so that the rutt of "emotional worship leading" doesn't become an occurrence.

I know, quite a bit for such a seemingly small point. However I legitimately get ticked off during worship when this happens and am wondering is it just me that thinks this is not okay?

if nothing else, thanks for reading and allowing me to vent to your eyes and brain. :)

March 8th 2012


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JOY OF THE LORD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Growing up in the Church I often heard trials produce perseverance, therefore strengthening faith and ultimately tend to give us a more clear picture of God.  Not the trial itself, but the turning of our minds from selfish motives and concern, to that which can only provide joy and satisfaction. Especially during harder times.

It is incredibly interesting to me how something that can be engraved into our heads as “church goers” can be so easily forgotten, taken for granted, and then we react surprised when the truth is constant. 

I can honestly say this is the place I have been lately. Not that I didn’t know that the Lord is my joy, but more that I wasn’t choosing Him to be my joy. I found myself wondering about things I never had before, drawing up conclusions in my head that were practically impossible, and then choosing to believe them. It literally took me several weeks to find myself through all of this, and then ultimately began to pair up my thoughts with truths I have been grounded in.

Out of all this, and my reason for writing now is to say that as soon as I began to focus my attitude and daily actions back on the Joy of the Lord, literally my whole person changed.

May we better focus today, and everyday on what our true joy is and from where it comes. If we can legitimately mold our minds to look through those lenses, the only outcome will be that of the heart of God. 

September 29th 2012

October 19th 2012

Mary Reynolds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thinkin and missing  my grandmother a lot today. She was a woman who fought physical health issues throughout the last several years of her life. However what I think of when remembering her is her warm heart and eagerness to care for others. so very thankful for that.

A specific example was during the last couple of weeks of her life as she was in the hospital barely able to talk, and not eating anything but ice... It was "my turn" to sit right next to her and hold her hand. Both as a comfort for her and also to cherish last moments with her. Right when I sat down, and after a couple of hours of not really hearing her talk, she turned her head to me, looked me in the eyes, and with more sincerity then anyone has ever asked me this question she said, "how are you David Michael?" it took all within me not to bawl right then and there. ha.

This was not only an example to me of the selfless life she chose to live, but a incredible encouragement to me  to live a life of purpose daily. Love well and live hard. in the midst of my "pains" and "sufferings" may I choose and may we choose to invest in others, caring for their hearts over our own, and ultimately know where our joy comes from. Choose selflessness in every moment;  emotional, spiritual, or when lying on a bed during the last few days of our lives.

Love Does --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

October 25th 2012

If you haven’t read the book titled “Love Does” by Bob Goff, go buy it today and treat yourself to a few hours of the best read of the year. Incredibly well written and an easy read.

In Bob’s book  “Love Does” the overall premise of it is that love doesn’t always necessarily think, or do what makes sense. Overall it does. Love moves and acts in ways that are often spontaneous and leave a lot of room for both failure and success. However when love does, there is often no regret.

This has been an idea and movement I have dedicated myself to recently. Im finding that its not the actual doing things through love that has created a sense of satisfaction or completeness, but the fact that in most cases, making the choice of doing love, is actually just making the choice of being Jesus to people.  When I mold my heart and spend time seeking His will and his heart, my love for things and people slowly develops into the heart of God. Which when I then act on those desires I actually am finding myself in the midst of doing ministry and to recall an old fad doing what jesus would do (WWJD).

Simplifying it and making my actions and choices based on nothing other than my hearts desires make it a lot easier, and at times simpler than i think it will be to seek and live for the heart of God daily.  

I think you get the point by now and I won’t continue to ramble on about something I am super eager to chase and discuss with people, but hope and pray that this stirs an affection in you for something more than going through the motions.

Take a risk, drive across the state to see someone and let them know you love and care for them. Stop writing encouragement texts and emails and go be an encouragement. Act on hope, grace, mercy, and faith. Being an outspoken faithful Christ-follower isn’t being a good person on a social media website. Loving people well isn’t done from where you live, it’s done by going and doing. Love Does.


Recently had the opportunity to track a tune with the RSB that was from Psalms 96. Basically a group sends Robbie the scripture and we put music/melodies/ some sort of structure to it. Simple as that. I found myself a couple of days after tracking thinking about the whole experience. Having the opportunity to join in the songs of age old Psalms/ songs that were written and play along with, to, and develop parts for something that people have been reading and singing to for thousands of years suddenly became real to me. It may not have sounded anything like David heard it, or to the tune he wrote. Im sure if we added a harp we would have come a lot closer, ha. But the overall experience of joining in an age old song and being part of the worship and creativity that David wrote years ago literally brought me to an incredible moment of thanks and blessing. How great is our God that he would allow collaboration in 2013 to a Psalm and allow me to be a part of it.

His grace is good and His mercy’s new. 

Psalms 96: 11-13

“ Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and all that fills it; 12 let the field exult, and everything in it~ Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy 13 before the Lord, for he comes, for he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the earth in righteousness, and the peoples in his faithfulness.”

Psalms  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

May 16th  2013

There are a few things that I know... My faith, my family, my friends, and the desires I have. This includes both long and short term. I have been very blessed and fortunate to have faithful family and friends who have walked through thick and thin. The past couple years have truly attested to them becoming persistent, faithful, pursuing, as well as motivating. The biggest blessing I have encountered with them all is that they are constantly pushing me to pursue the heart of God. Something I’ve definitely needed to be encouraged in and motivated in. Surround yourselves with those who encourage you, not only because of the earthly accomplishments, but aren’t afraid to offend you and be truthful. Hold tight to those, work for those, that relationship is one that is furious and ferocious. One that is close to the heart of God.

The Heart of God  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

April 18th  2013

Currently in NM with the rsb boys for two weeks of camp at Glorieta. Have to say its pretty incredible weather as well as scenery here and already has been a great time leading and worshiping with the Fuge folks. Before heading out here I went ahead and deleted my social media apps and am just taking a couple of weeks away from it. Have to say after almost two weeks in, it has been incredibly refreshing. Have been blessed to spend great time with the guys, and also just in some silence to sit and take this place and the beauty in. I recently had a conversation with a best friend of mine about how incredible it is when we realize and can even feel the pursuit of the Lord. Pursuance is something I have often related to action or actual overall feeling... However have realized for me, realizing the pursuit of the Lord is simply Him allowing me to be at a place of peace, joy, and full understanding. A place where I know my faith is being challenged and grown through various things. To be at a place of thankfulness and satisfaction regarding surroundings is an incredible blessing we forget to take in because we are too consumed with the distraction of american importance and culture. I know His pursuit in constant, so in that I can rest. However its in the rest that I am often humbled at the realization of His goodness and grace to pursue me.

Heres to the pursuit of time better spent and more silence. :)

Pursued  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 18th  2013

Over about the past 9 months I have unintentionally written close to 20 songs... Who am I? ha. Turns out when faced with hard & good times & you have time alone.... writing has been a medicine. I have often found the songs written I haven’t even necessarily known what some lyrics meant until a few months later. crazy. So the next thing is... what do i do with them? currently in the process of figuring this one out. juggling ideas and hoping to land on something over the next year or so. My desire now is to show these to my closest friends/ peers and choose about 5-6 and attempt some sort of EP. Not really for any self promotion or the pursuit of a solo career, but because i want to learn, be humbled, and also take a chance at allowing people “in”. Which if you know me at all, would be a huge step. Im much of an insider when it comes to issues/ opinions, etc.... tends to be both a positive & negative. A lot of the songs written expose a lot about that, me, my beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and also just life... 

WRITING FOR TOMORROW  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 21st  2013

It is incredibly important to realize several things when playing. As a drummer whose most work is done on stage behind someone in a worship setting, Ive realized the importance of paying attention to several different things. I have to pay attention before the set, knowing the songs, learning them, and also creating dynamic in my head before we even play the song. At the same time... improv. This is one of the biggest things that separates a good drummer from a great drummer. I wish i could say it is easy to develop, however its something that only comes with time, experience, and maturity as a drummer. One of our biggest roles as a “worship” drummer is to make leading worship easy on the worship leader... Being able to improv and follow well, regardless of the structure of the song, or even how it was rehearsed is incredibly important. Listening for vocal cues is one way to read changes. I often get a decent amount of acoustic guitar, or whatever the worship leader is playing in my monitor so i can tell the intensity he is playing/buillding/creating or wanting during the song or set.  This is super helpful if and when the extent of a song is changed, or even just if the band is winging a song, its a lot easier to tell where the worship leader is going or intensity desired when you can hear how he’s playing.


Drummers Mindset ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

July 22nd  2013

I recently have had a few pretty big life lessons/ realizations... One of these came from a trip I recently took to Rwanda where I worked with and on behalf of Anchor of Hope(africaanchor.org). No matter what the encounter may be with a person or people group... God places you in and out of peoples lives for the amount of time he does for a specific purpose and reason. Whether it is a moment, a day, a season, or a lifetime... There is purpose.

Im grateful for the partnership with those is Rwanda as well as here domestically in the US.

However, the ultimate purpose of those relationships... whether local, global, family, starbucks.. whatever... that encounter should reflect Christ is some way right? If I am in fact a Christ-follower.... Which I claim to be, I want to walk away from a relationship or even just conversation knowing that “He” was ultimately in mind and received glory from that encounter in some way. Im not saying have a blatant/out of no where conversation with every person you encounter to the point where you are annoying... no one wants that. ever, ha.  But lift a spirit, dang(speaking this more to myself than i want to, ha).

I think I get too worried about making an impression of “myself” rather than the glory of God when I entertain or am around others. After all, Romans 12 is in the Bible for a reason.... and Im not winning at the whole “outdo one another” thing...

Heres to better encounters and not being boring! :)


A Greater PURPOSE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

November 18th  2013


So I have been challenged in some simplicity lately. In being asked to do some more “acoustic” types of gigs...(no bassist or electric guitar player) I’ve had to do some work filling space... but in simplicity. Yea i know kinda weird. So basically what i mean is... my setup consists of a kick drum, snare, floor tom, hats, and a ride. The new additions are me running a pad/looper(i will talk about that later) and then also using a ton more tambourine than usual. I use a real one, not a pinch on hi hat type(unless full band)... and i just throw it on my hats stand. I am basically only using my

left foot now only for intensity(chorus/bridge) moments.

This has actually been really great when playing with full band too in that my left foot has gotten way better at when to be on the hi hat stand, and when to be off of it. Since using tambourine on it now, it has only given another element of intensity or dynamic. I attached a link below to the one I use and is really great...


Use Your Feet  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

November 22nd  2013

honestly, honesty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

May 12th  2014

Whether in pursuing my talent, my friends, my family, my relationship with god, my health, my life.... the biggest thing that has helped me grow in each of these is when i choose to finally be honest. To be honest with the person I am talking to, to be honest regarding myself, etc... Once i finally realized how much people actually appreciated honesty, i begin to realize how unhonest i was being not only with others but with myself. I found how often i would think something, then say... “nah”. It was too often. This has seriously challenged me in a matter of balance. What am i putting my time and efforts into? If i convince myself my relationship/ pursuit of the scriptures is fine when its not, im only harming myself. When i tell myself as a drummer i know a song well enough when i don’t, i only harm myself. when i look in a mirror and say im not unhealthy when i know i am... i only harm myself. get it ? its very possible this is the most “duh” blog ive posted... but the realization of honesty being helpful instead of harmful i feel is something this culture and this age forgets. “i don’t want to offend them” “everything will be fine” “they’ll figure it out someday” “I’ll change that eventually”...etc... these are way to familiar phrases. People who can genuinely appreciate honesty are the ones i want to spend my time with. I believe those are the people that don’t only understand love a little better, but will be willing to be honest with me when i ask. Those who are willing to be honest and receive honesty are the ones who will make you better. In every way... they are honest in your success and your failure. But the best way this can start and ultimately make you appreciate honesty, is when you begin to be genuinely honest with yourself.

Proverbs 12:22 - Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.

2 Corinthians 8:21 - Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

Proverbs 19:1 - Better the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.

Philippians 4:8-9 - Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things honest, whatsoever things just, whatsoever things pure, whatsoever things lovely, whatsoever things of good report; if any virtue, and if any praise, think on these things.

You’re There to be There ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Aug 20th  2014

Recently have been hit over and over with the reminder and thought that we are where we are,at every moment, for a reason. Have and have had many friends struggle with their place, job, relationships...etc... This includes myself. Recently lost a great coach and friend to cancer and I could honestly say the theme of his life was that he was always 110% where he was 100% of the time. He enjoyed life. It wasn’t always what he desired but he affected people around him everywhere he was. Its promised to us that we have a greater purpose no matter where we are. Whether through music, coaching, corporate work, whatever... We are where we are to be where we are.      - Psalm 138:8 -

Its OKaY TO SAY NO      -------

Sep 5th  2014

Knowing your strengths also means to know your weaknesses.

It exposes your gifts and callings as well as those you should either work on or decipher through the time and effort it would take to accomplish and defeat those weaknesses.

There are definitely musical tastes/styles I am more comfortable playing than others. When given opportunity to play styles im not most comfortable with I have to decide not only if it's worth my time and efforts to try and perform those... But also if it's worth the artists benefit to have me or someone else. Do I want to play every gig/session? Absolutely! Who doesn't. However... I also have to know when to say... "That guy is way better at this than me."

It's the same reason I wouldn't ask a pitcher to go to the home run derby during the all star game. Could he do it? Yea. He may even hit a couple out of the park... But I want someone who could win the whole thing. Not just compete.

There is also a line of desired music I love to play, and also some I just have absolutely no want or passion for. For me, forcing art usually does one of two things... It becomes messy and is unusable... Or it challenges me in a completely different and new way. I don't ever say no to something immediately. I will always listen to the vision or a demo/scratch and then sit to develop parts/ideas, etc... It's at this point I usually get super excited

about the project or can tell quickly I'm not the fit for it. That's when the decision has to be made to be willing to expose weakness or in turn, honesty with the artist. "Man, I can definitely do this, however I think you could get something better and quicker with _______. He or she has a better understanding of this type of music and it's part of their DNA, whereas I don't feel these parts like they could."

I guarantee you... You will never disappoint an artist with honesty when it will benefit their product. You owe it to yourself, and to them. It's okay to say no.